We understand what it is like to take a group of growing teenagers away on a trip – the kitchen shelves can be emptied in minutes and the success of the tour can often depend on the food that’s on offer.

Eating together as a group and trying new things is all part of the experience and with our on-site chef we can ensure quality and quantity for all! We encourage groups to sit together in the evening and chat over the day, to share experiences and to plan the next day’s objectives, eating together is very much part of the educational experience.

Naturally, those visiting England should try some of Britain’s famous dishes such as Fish & Chips and a traditional English Roast Beef Dinner, but there are many other dishes on offer. We encourage you to look at our sample menu before arriving so that, if necessary, we can alter the menu to suit your taste. Naturally, our chef can cater for all sorts of dietary needs, please let us know well in advance to ensure that we meet your requirements.