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In a world that is becoming ever more connected, the most important investment that you can give your child is to experience a new culture, not through a TV or mobile device but first hand.


Buckswood is an international school, we have over twenty years of organising group travel ourselves, therefore we totally understand and appreciate what you are about to go through and what you expect in terms of care and education. We are about making memories, we want each child to come away with “ mum and dad that was great, thank you, I want to now learn more about England or English & I made really good friends with people from Russia, Spain and Japan”.


It is important that we know your expectations before you arrive so that we can deliver an experience of a lifetime. Naturally we will agree a program but as we go along things change and we can be flexible with that. The Lions Group centre is a small organisation within a larger one and flexibility is key to success. We want you to be treated, and to have the same expectations, as we would if we visited your country on a school trip - that is how we look at things! We do not ‘do’ host families, as a school we prefer the students at the end of the day to come home to our residence called the Lions, in the heart of Hastings. There students are safe and cared for under a school style system, with a feeling that they are at a ‘home away from home’.


Our Groups Centre is based in the historic seaside town of Hastings. With a colourful history & culture, lots of fantastic activities nearby; great transport connections to London, Oxford, Cambridge & further afield.

The New Lions Groups Centre is housed in a town house. The luxury accommodation retains many original features and large rooms with picture windows to enjoy the townscape. Step outside and you’re in the town centre, nearby to many historical sites & only five minutes away from the beach - the perfect location – all while being only 90 minutes from the centre of London.

Your group programme is a complete service, so from the moment you step off the plane you can relax and enjoy your group experience at Buckswood, knowing that all your requirements have been met. The Lions group experience is designed for students aged between 11 & 17 and combines British boarding with a seaside stay. Become fully immersed in English culture, as you travel to Buckswood School, set on a country estate for your academic studies, take part in various activities and eat in style in our dining hall. The Buckswood experience would not be complete without our Slice of Britain programme, whereby students not only have a taste of British education but are also immersed into English culture and heritage that makes Britain ‘British’. Our various group courses include a wide range of trips and activities with additional extras available (i.e. Paris), to make your adventure magical! Creating memories and making friends that last forever… Customise your bespoke group programme now.