The Lions Centre is based at Westwood House!

Westwood House is a beautiful Victorian Manor House set in its own gardens. It is a boutique educational Hotel. It houses up to 25 students with leaders and has its own sitting rooms and dining rooms, some rooms are set out in a formal but relaxed style with large sofas and a log fire, where others have table tennis and a PlayStation 4! There is a dining room with a self-service selection of homemade food and a cinema room for movie nights. It is your home while in the UK!


Your Room

Bedrooms vary between singles, doubles and triples. Living together all adds to the experience. Boys and girls are divided into different areas of the house.

The Sitting Rooms

Lions is not just a centre, it is a home for the guests who stay here. We have various areas to enjoy, unwind and socialise, including our exquisite sitting room that is available for formal events or for just relaxing in front of the TV.

The Study

A great room where guests can read, study and watch TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The Dining rooms

We have two dining rooms, the formal room and the canteen. Depending on the occasion either room can be used

The cinema room and recreation room

A place to relax kick of your shoes and ‘chill’ with your friends

Study Space

There is a lot of space to spread out and study so that you can finish your homework or complete your Slice of Britain


Food glorious food!

We understand what it is like to take a group of growing teenagers away on a trip – the larder shelves can be emptied in minutes and a tour and be made or fail on its food offerings!

Eating together as a group and trying new things is all part of the experience and with our  on-site chef we can ensure quality and quantity for all! We encourage groups to sit together in the evening and chat over the day, to share experiences and to plan the next day’s objectives, eating together is very much part of the educational experience.

Naturally you will have to try fish and chips and a roast beef supper but there are many other dishes that are on offer and we would suggest that you look at our menu and agree what works and what might not work for your group so that an agreed menu can be reached before your arrival. Naturally, our chef can cater for all sorts of dietary needs, please let us know well in advance what may be needed.