So why choose us?

We have loads of experience

Not only have we been welcoming groups to our centre for over 25 years, but we are also very experienced in leading groups of students on overseas tours, therefore we are more than aware of the challenges and expectations required and can appreciate the stresses and strains of working with group travel! We strive to treat our guests in the same manner that we would expect to be treated if visiting your country on a school trip – that is how we look at things!

We are an educational hotel rather than host family accommodation

Both have their merits; however, our philosophy is based on everyone living and working together as a group, sharing equal experiences and, at the end of the day, all living under one roof with one set of rules and guidelines that is overseen by your group leader and our in-house staff.

This is particularly important in today’s world where there is an increased need for safety, especially while on school trips, which is why Westwood House, our boutique educational hotel, could be the safer option as it’s run by a school for school students led by trained professionals with years of industry experience.

We believe that this is an incredible gift for life

We also believe that travel is the 4th dimension of education as it places education in context, as we believe that it broadens minds and horizons, breaks down barriers, destroys misconception, enhances knowledge and promotes cultural understanding. What more can we give our children today than this incredible gift.

We are flexible

As we are small, we want to give you a personalized, flexible program, that suits you and your needs. With teenagers, things change on a daily basis. The most important thing, is that the group have an unforgettable experience.

We value good communication

This is key to the success of the tour. If we set out our expectations and goals from the ‘get-go’ and we take feedback on a daily basis, then we can all ensure that the experience is unforgettable.

We believe that this is a journey and an adventure for our students

This is a journey and an adventure where we measure the journey not in kilometres but in moments and memories along the way! We are all about making memories; we want each child to come away from the experience with “…wow mum and dad that was great, thank you, I now want to learn more about England and to continue learning English and, do you know what, I made really good friends with people from Russia, Spain and Japan.