Partially Integrated Group

Integration into academic lessons 

Partially Integrated Group: "The Harry Potter Experience"

(50% English lessons, 25% normal school, 25% trips)

  • This course will also focus on developing students English language skills mixing in lessons like sports, music, debating, arts and other integrated activities.

  • If you have a small group of students of different ages we recommend this programme. This option is planned so that a sensible balance between English and integrated non-academic activities is maintained.

  • Students learn as much outside the classroom as they do inside by participating some of the day with the main school children.​

  • Group Size Groups up to 12 in any one group (different ages and levels, subject to availability)

  • Group Ages 11-14 year round. 15+ September to March only​

  • Course Discussion 1 week + English Lessons 5-12 hours per week – Other activity options as per choice selection, subject to availability.

  • English Cultural Trips.

  • One full day, one half day and evening activities per week.


Programme Keynote;

  • Minimum of 12 hours of English lessons per week.

  • Minimum of 12 hours of integrated lessons per week with our students from around the world.

  • Weekend trips of you choice can be added to the programme.

  • Limited number of Students.

  • Mixed ages within the group is preferable to maximise the integration experience. 

  • Only available during school term times.

FREE Group Leader place for every 10 Students