How to book a trip with us – stress free!

We have been welcoming groups from all over the world for many years, we have streamlined the process to make it as simple and easy for you.


Where do I start?

It is simple, you firstly have to decide which of our programmes you would like. They all have their own uniqueness and if they aren’t unique enough for you. We can tailor one to make it that much special. Whatever wacky idea you may have, we are happy to help. If you do not know what programme to choose of you want a mixture of two or more programmes, get in touch!


What’s next?

Once you have chosen your programme, it is time to go wild with our ‘Pick and Mix’ approach to trips and activities. Choose the ones that will appeal to you the most, if you do not like any of them or have an idea of other destinations then we let us know so that we can include them.


The final step.

So you have chosen your programme and trips, in order to keep it light and breezy, we suggest that you send us your preferred dates and intended number of students as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. In doing so, we can guarantee your booking and you may enjoy an early birds booking discount!

Application Form.

Now that you know what programme and trips you want, please complete for booking form here and return it back to us.


When is my booking confirmed?

When we receive the above information we will then issue a deposit invoice, when it is paid – your booking is confirmed – stress free!

Do I need a visa for the groups programme?

Once you decide what programme you would like, we suggest you check the UK government website to see if you need a visa or not; link here:

If you aren’t sure which one to apply for, get in touch and we can help.


If you do require a visa, we provide a confirmation letter which can be used for the visa application. Please be advised that we only give confirmation letters for visa purposes once the deposit for the programme has been paid.