English + Programme

Visiting Sherlock Holmes 

English + Programme: "Adding uniqueness to your programme"

This option is for those groups that want an intensive English programme that can be subject specific.  


For example, we offer an English + Football academy programme where alongside their intensive English lessons a programme to develop the students football skills is included. Football matches can be organised and stadium tours can be added to the programme for a real football rich experience.


The additional area of study could include a specified academic timetable such as IGCSE revision lessons or IB revision lessons, Geography or History, Politics and International Relations.

On a English + programme, the Language provision can be tailored to specific vocabulary or grammar for example and lesson may be taught at a number of suitable locations.


Programme Keynote;

  • Minimum of 15 hours of English lessons per week

  • Your chosen subject specialism

  • Weekend trips of you choice can be added to the programme

  • 30 Students max

  • Available all year round

  • Easter holidays revision courses available

FREE Group Leader place for every 10 Students