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Trafalgar Square London  

"The Full English Experience"

The team here at the Lions take your stay very seriously, because to them, your happiness is their measure of success.


We pride ourselves on giving you the personal touch, nothing is too much so please do let us know what it is you want and we will do our best to make it happen!  Just like visiting family, our team are here to make sure your stay is comfortable and that your experience with us exceeds your expectations.


Our goal is to have you book your next visit before you leave, so we really want your stay to be the ‘Full English’, filled with memories that will last a life-time…


"Worldwide accepted English level certificate"

And to top it all off, why not add a Trinity examination certificate to complete your experience, gaining a recognised British qualification to give yourself the edge.

Trinity English language qualifications are recognised internationally as reliable evidence of proficiency in English. With a focus on developing communicative and interactive language skills, our exams assess and promote the skills needed for life in the 21st century.

Trinity English language qualifications are suitable for people of all ages learning English as a foreign, second or additional language. Available at all levels, from beginner to advanced, our exams are available to individuals, schools and colleges in more than 60 countries worldwide.

We have a 100% pass rate with over 95% of students achieving a Merit and Disctinction Level grade.


It’s not just memories we want you to take away from your visit. A stay at the Lions Centre is not complete without your very own ‘Slice of Britain’. This entertaining, educational programme covers the very best of British culture, our history and traditions – do you know how to pour a proper cup of tea? Every student leaves with a complete diary of their stay to share with friends and family and they can take their ‘slice of Britain’ home as the perfect memento of their trip.


Topics that we focus on include

  • The Royal Family

  • Cultural highlights

  • Famous British Prime Ministers

  • Wales, N.I.Scotland

  • Famous British foods

  • Famous British landmarks

  • The Beatles

  • The British class system

  • English holidays and customs

  • English fashion

  • British etiquette and behaviour

  • The education system

  • Important history and dates

  • British eccentrics

  • London landmarks

  • British authors

  • English sayings

  • British films and television


Karen from Colombia;


  1. Reflection on the school - Once we had a politics lesson. It was very entertaining and tough at the same time. There was a “hot seat” and everyone, one by one, except the teacher, had to sit on it and answer the given question. If someone could deal with it, he was out of the “hot seat”. We were supposed to be  prepared for these questions because we had some time in the morning in the other politics lesson. Though my result wasn’t  high,I could compete with the other students and I enjoyed such atmosphere.

  2. Reflection on trips - As for the places we visited,  I was really impressed by Dover Castle. We had had a huge experience in such kind of sights but this one was different. Also, I enjoyed the end of our trip to London on Saturday. I felt kind of infinite when we stood on the riverside enjoying night London. It was very special to observe it all from the busiest part of the city which was empty and calm at that hour.
    Churchill’s War Rooms is a very special museum which we have never visited before. It was really exciting to learn more about that period of history and Churchill himself, even though they hadn’t presented Armenian Cognac which was his favourite drink. The museum can be enjoyed more by the senior students because there are lots of things to discover and it may be overwhelming. Also I want to add that I could resist spending some money in the museums shop. It was great!


  3. Reflection on our Staff - Tim is the person I want to say some words about. At first sight he is a very easy going man with a huge supply of funny jokes and own style. He could deal with his responsibility and had a special approach for everyone. It was inspiring to discover his previous life details during our sincere talk.
    The words I can remember now are ‘handouts’, ‘well’ and ‘morbid’. I heard the word ‘handout’ during one of the lessons and considered it useful. The word ‘well’ was introduced by Tim to our groups during our stay in Dover Castle’s caves. ‘Morbid’ was the reaction of Charlie when I called a living hay tasty in the Michelin Priory.

Polina from Russia;

  1. Reflection on the Integrated Lessons - On the last day I had a very interesting Science lesson, more precisely, it was Chemistry. We had to do experiments with halogens, which was very unusual for me, because we never do experiments in Russia. I am glad, I was at this lesson.

  2. Reflection of trips - We had lots of trips this time and I liked all of them. However, the best one was to Dover Castle. It’s enormous medieval castle with many rooms, which are all furnished like it was many years ago. Also, there are very beautiful views from the top.

  3. On the Buckswood family - I can’t choose only one person, because in Buckswood you meet lots of different people from different countries. This is kind of one of the best things about this trip. It’s a chance to become familiar with different cultures and traditions.

  4. On the EFL lessons - Mostly I learn words from trips to castles and they’re all connected to medieval. I don’t know why, but these words stuck in my head. For example, in summer I learnt the world “portcullis”, which is a gate that can be lowered. This time I learnt the world “bailey” which is a yard near castle.

  5. Reflection on Meals - My favourite meal is breakfast, because there is always porridge, and it’s my favourite dish. Also, I liked traditional English scones, this time we even managed to cook them.

  6. Differences between Buckswood and your school back at home - Buckswood is absolutely different from our Russian school, they can’t even be compared. Buckswood had lots of traditions, they celebrate all the feasts, have assemblies every week, all the student wear special uniform. I don’t even consider peacocks that you can find outside when you are in school. Buckswood have even their own pray in which there are words “every child has a talent”. When you are in Buckswood, you feel it, you feel special.

  7. What was the most important value you learned while at Buckswood - For me the most important virtues are Honesty and Success. I believe, you should always be honest with everyone, because it prevents you from having problems or misunderstandings. Also, I suppose success is a synonym for happiness. The more goals you achieve, the more successful you are. Everyone has different goals, but the main point is that these goals are very important and when you succeed, you become happier.